Sunday, December 28, 2008

What in the World is a Boobtubious?

The term "boobtubious" is a derivative of the term "Boob Tube".

As a child I watched a lot of television and my mom and dad referred to the television as the boob tube. When I joined the popular video sharing website Youtube and was trying to think of a user name I searched my mind for something that I identified with but that seemed odd and out of sorts. So, being a boob and having the term impressed on my memory since being knee high to a grasshopper, the name just sort of fit. I still get comments about my user name after amost 2 years on the web site, and most have some sort of innuendo to the female body part that corresponds with a portion of my name. Yeah... the tube. Ha ha.

So this little introduction blog is for 3 reasons:

One, to introduce me to you.
B, to create a place of reading enjoyment and hopefully make you laugh a little.
Trois, to waste even more time on the internet.

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